Writing a blog post

The toolkit will only be able to grow and remain useful if people are prepared to share their experiences and knowledge with others. The best way to do this is through writing a blog post.

Writing a blog post is really simple. You need to have created a WordPress account (free, and only takes a moment to sign up), and let us know your email address at cooperativecouncil@lambeth.gov.uk. We can then add you as a contributor to the site and you can begin blogging! We’ve put together a short guide on How To Post to the Cooperative Council Toolkit for anyone who wants more information about writing a blog post or leaving a comment.

Blog posts are best when they:

  • Are written in a friendly and easily accessible way
  • Are concise and avoid waffle or jargon
  • Focus on one topic or issue, rather than trying to fit multiple ideas into one post
  • Contain links to other resources or information where appropriate
  • Contain an image or video
  • Are assigned to at least one of the listed categories, and tag your post with keywords from the content
  • Encourage other readers to comment and discuss your post

Don’t be afraid to be creative with the topics for your post – as long as they are linked to enabling cooperative ways of working. So you might want to update everyone on a project you are working on, or an event you are running, or a technique or method you have used, or some useful information you have found.

If you want to discuss your ideas for a new post or need any help, you can email cooperativecouncil@lambeth.gov.uk and we will help as much as we can.

Here are a few conventions we suggest we all follow when contributing:

  • use plain English so that your content is easy to understand
  • use headers to make your content scannable and easy to follow
  • try to make your links descriptive and work out of context (for example do not use “click here”)
  • don’t use slang, jargon or acronyms
  • use punctuation
  • do not post any content that is not your own and could be subject to copyright
  • use primarily blue where possible for alternatively coloured text, as it poses less of an obstacle for colour-blind users.

Every comment made on this blog is moderated by Lambeth Council (who host the service) to protect against rude, offensive, party political, discriminatory or defamatory comments.  The council will remove, as soon as possible, any content on this site that is deemed to be offensive, copyrighted or commercial or that is deemed not relevant to the subject of this site.

Lambeth Council does not necessarily share the thoughts and opinions of content posted by users.

The council is not responsible for the content of any websites which this site provides links to except for Lambeth’s official website, www.lambeth.gov.uk.

Linking to external sites should not be taken as an endorsement of either third party organisations or the content they provide. If you wish to report incorrect content or broken links please email cooperativecouncil@lambeth.gov.uk

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