What do you already know?

Public services regularly ask users for their opinion about their satisfaction with the services they receive. So a good first step is to consider whether people have already contributed some of their views. Make sure you recognise this input and do not ask your stakeholders and service users to repeat information that you or others already have access to. For example, you might have recently conducted a survey on user satisfaction or questions might have been included in the residents’ survey about the service.

There are also a range of data and statistics available at a borough, ward and neighbourhood level. Documents such as the State of the Borough report, Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (health and wellbeing), Local Economic Assessment, and the Strategic Assessment of community safety can highlight excluded groups who you need to make more effort to engage with.

One Response to What do you already know?

  1. John Bennett says:

    The 2011 Census data is being published gradually and is a useful source of information. http://www.ons.gov.uk/ons/guide-method/census/2011/index.html

    Data for Neighbourhoods and Regeneration: http://www.data4nr.net contains a really great treasure trove of national datasets which can be broken down to local levels. Again a really great portal for a range of information to help people do analysis work and/or develop business cases.

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