Who needs to be involved?

Identifying who needs to have a voice in what services are needed and how they should be delivered is important to ensure maximum fairness and accessibility to public services. Putting users and the community at the heart of the design and delivery of public services is one of the fundamental principles of the cooperative council.

A simple first step is to map all those who are involved or impacted by the service that is currently delivered. This may include, but isn’t limited to:

  • service users, customers or clients
  • staff, service professionals
  • local residents or businesses
  • voluntary and community sector organisations who represent elements of the community, or have experience in delivering similar services
  • councillors
  • partners such as the Police, health services, probation service, Work Programme providers or Transport for London

Don’t just think about the people who are already involved, but also think about people who want to be involved but haven’t been able to and those who could add to or complement the services. Make sure you approach the development of this list collaboratively, rather than one person working in isolation; this will set the right cooperative ethos from the start.

One Response to Who needs to be involved?

  1. John Bennett says:

    There is a really great RSAnimate video on the power of “motivation” setting staff free/giving them autonomy to do their own work – it’s only 10mins long, but it really captures the idea of people/staff ingenuity if only they were managed differently. I think it could be a really good way of evidencing why “staff, service professionals” must be part of any solution to service problems/why simply paying people more money won’t necessarily improve performance/outcomes. Have a look – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iXV6SYrQ_IE

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