Co-operative Commissioning and Co-production tools and case studies

June 17, 2013

Lambeth’s Co-operative Council is launching the first in a series of co-production and co-operative commissioning tools and case studies.

The aim is to increase awareness amongst Lambeth citizens – residents and staff – of what co-production and co-operative commissioning is, why they are are important and how they can get involved.

The case studies and tools are summaries. They have been designed to provide enough information to engage people and to sign-post them towards the relevant networks or experts, who will be able to help citizens with their particular co-production and co-operative commissioning challenges and opportunities.

The initial set of case studies and toolkits focus on defining co-production and Lambeth’s co-operative commissioning cycle.

The second issue of materials will focus on existing and historical services and projects that have been co-produced with Lambeth citizens.

The final set will provide a series of enabling tools that will help Lambeth citizens work through the co-operative commissioning cycle.

Please give us your feedback on these case studies and tools.

We would also like to hear about any projects, tools or methodologies that support co-production and co-operative commissioning, which could be developed and shared via this blog.