Involving older people in service commissioning

February 28, 2012

The Joseph Rowntree Commission has recently produced a report on how commissioning bodies can enable older people to be at the heart of the  public service reform agenda. The report (Involving older people in service commissioning: more power to their elbow?) looks at two areas, Dorset and Salford, where structures and processes exist which encourage and facilitate the involvement of older people in local decision-making.

The report provides some useful lessons learnt on the importance of involving older people in the commissioning, not only of health and social care services, but also in areas such as prevention, community inclusion and universal services.

The report also outlines the focus group findings on:

  • how older people in these areas were involved in commissioning and service delivery;
  • what difference their involvement made;
  • the factors which lead to successful engagement; and
  • the barriers to involving older people.