Assets on the Tulse Hill Estate – what can you teach?

July 25, 2012

Skills Game

As part of the activities to surface, share and link resources and assets on the Tulse Hill Estate (see post on Your Ideas Here) today saw a pop up cafe on the grass between the blocks. With ice cold juice, biscuits and free conversation in the afternoon sunshine – we were introducing the idea of a Trade School and had a Skills Game to show just how many skills people have that are often taken for granted.

What can you teach?

Trade School is an open learning space, where anyone can offer to teach and say what they’d like in exchange for their class. People sign up to come along by promising to bring along an item that the teacher has requested. For example swap a tea pot, a good book, your favourite recipe or some paint for the chance to learn a new skill. The idea was received positively by people we spoke to, and in the course of the afternoons conversations, suggested lessons that people felt they could offer included ‘how to make compost from kitchen waste’, ‘an introduction to world politics’ and ‘children’s activities – how to keep your kids happy and safe’. And the Skills Game board soon filled up with ticks as people picked out the things they knew how to do, so the unique variety of classes that Trade School Tulse Hill might include became apparent.

To find out more or get involved come along to the workshop on Mon 30 Jul 6.30pm

Assets on the Tulse Hill Estate – Your Ideas Here

July 23, 2012


The Tulse Hill estate is full of people with skills and resources, aspirations and ideas; and lots of green and communal spaces. Some people are already very active and neighbourly in the area, others perhaps haven’t had the time or the right opportunity to be involved yet. We are working with the TRA to help surface and link the many assets in the area, through projects that will introduce more people to each other, teach skills, and share resources.


As a first step, we have put up a roving exhibition – featuring inspiring and positive community-led projects from around the world that show the potential to do a lot with a little when many different people are included. And with a space for people to add their ideas for what they want to see more of on Tulse Hill Estate.


While putting up the exhibition we met and chatted to several people living nearby who wandered over to take a look at the posters, and talked through some great ideas for ways to celebrate different cultures through food and dance, and to create sports and outdoor activities for children.

The exhibition will be moving round the estate, offering some positive inspiration and a place to add ideas and create a shared community vision for the type of place people want Tulse Hill to be.


We’ll be holding a workshop on Monday 30 July for anyone who wants to find out more. We’ll take you on tour of amazing collaborative projects from around the globe, introduce some new activities, map like you’ve never mapped before, and leave you feeling like you can walk out and change the world!

Sign up online:
Or text ‘workshop’ to 07958 274 544