Coproduction Action Learning Set – 29th November

Last Thursday on the 29th November the latest Coproduction Action Learning Set was held in the Town Hall. The Action Learning Set is a workshop for officers to meet up and discuss coproduction and codesign,  in relation to the projects they are currently working on.

We had a good turn out again with a range of about twenty officers from various departments keen to support each other in this relatively new way of thinking. There were six initial projects that officers needed support with and they covered issues from how you coproduce large departmental plans with a range of different customers and stakeholders to looking at more focused projects who want to add in coproduction at an already advanced stage.

From this last meeting a number of actions have arisen:

  • Find a place online to record peoples little ‘do’s’ of coproduction. These are small examples of coproducing that all staff can begin to use.
  • The Action Learning Set want to make better use of online networks to continue supporting each other outside of the workshop including LinkedIn and Lino–it, as well as the Cooperative Toolkit. We agreed that we will trial each of these methods for communicating and see what ones prove most popular.
  • There was a call to move away from the split between Councillors officers/residents. How can we become more of a team? Make better use of officers who are also residents and invite Councillors to the Action Learning Set to share their experience of coproduction.
  • Expand group invite to include anyone, regardless if they work for Lambeth Council or not.

Moving forward we are keen to develop this Action Learning Set further. There are three main aspects to the ALS; the workshop, the network and the toolkit. The workshop is well developed and we will continue to host these monthly. The network has grown out of the workshops and we are looking at ways to support and grow this network by drawing in new members and using online resources. Finally the toolkit needs more work to bring it to a place where anyone can access and understand it, and use it to start coproducing their projects.

The next event is Wednesday 23rd January in Room 8 of the Town Hall at 10 – 12am. As mentioned we are looking to widen the invite to this, so if you are interested in coming along please get in touch, and feel free to bring a friend!

2 Responses to Coproduction Action Learning Set – 29th November

  1. Dave Mckenna says:

    Love the apporach and look forward to hearing more!

    Have you thought about yammer for sharing outside meetings? It sounds like it might be just what you need.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • nathanpierce1 says:

      Thanks Dave for the support! I havent heard of Yammer, will have a look at it. I think the real challange is not so much the medium you use, there are plenty of methods for holding conversations online, its about getting people to use them in the first place, and then sustaining those conversations…

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