What support is needed to encourage the development of community led projects?

This group of  projects has been funded by the council where it has been required.  The aim was to prototype different approaches and review whether each project had the potential to be sustained as a community  led venture.   For the council to financially  sustain community led projects in the long term is neither appropriate or viable.   Aside from the financial support,  there has also been the time invested from volunteers  who have brought with them their expertise and personal commitment.  The support  required from the council and other organisations for example  High Trees Community Trust and Lambeth Living  has ranged from a sympathetic ear to practical support.  Some projects  have required more support than others to explain processes, navigate communication channels and clear blockages.   Where another organisation has been the lead such as High Trees Community Trust, they have taken on this responsibility.  Further consideration is required to review the available mechanisms and resources  to support community led projects at start up through to developing into a sustainable enterprise.

2 Responses to What support is needed to encourage the development of community led projects?

  1. salomesimoes says:

    This way of working brought into focus the benefits of having an organisation to channel the funding allocated. It was really useful to have an organisation like High Trees involved who could take on the financial responsibilities and administer funds to allow the projects the agility and responsiveness they needed to deliver in the short time frames. Wondering how this would work where this type of organisation doesn’t exist? Maybe there would be a need to set up an umbrella organisation? This would help with the sustainability/ legacy too.

  2. Need to quantify volunteer and officer time involved in this approach and add to the project costs.

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