Public Services by Design

This post is to update you on the Public Services by Design projects being co-delivered by residents, the Design Council and public sector partners.
As we reported in the last post, the Design Council led a group of stakeholders, being called the ‘Diagonal Dozen’, in a 2 day process that led to 96 innovative and design-led solutions suggested to be introduced in Tulse Hill and Herne Hill.
These ideas were whittled down to a final list of 8 ideas – those which are deliverable within the 30/60/90 day project timescales and those which the Diagonal Dozen most wished to champion. The projects are:

Project Description Project lead and contact
Traffic calming To pilot use of green and growing spaces within traffic calming schemes and measures Giles Gibson,
Mobile Job Bike A bicycle that offers information and support to job seekers and also provides refreshments Frances Farragher , Courtney and Jeremy Keates, ,

020 7926 2702

Soft Skills training To work job-seekers identified via the mobile job bike, amongst other sources, to develop the supporting skills needed to sustain employment Margaret Jarrett, 0208 671 3132
Local communications hub Information sharing to support use of resources in the Tulse Hill and Herne Hill Margaret Jarrett, 0208 671 3132
Space blog of under-used spaces Tied into the communications hub, this project identifies spaces which could be better used by the local community Salome Simoes, , 020 7926 2680
St Martin’s Estate Community centre Exploring issues for non-use of the community centre with young people and enabling them to use the space Sarah Coyte,, 07852916199
Community Asset Mapping Door knocking in 3 blocks to gather information about the strengths, skills and interests of people living there Yvonne Joseph, Rebecca Eligon and Dorian Gray,, 02079260030
New business start-up mentoring and incubation space Providing a space for business development in the early stages where mentoring and support is available Frances Farragher and Jeremy Keates, ,

020 7926 2702

Polytunnel food growing Set up of a polytunnel to increase food resilience in the borough and develop growing skills Fiona Law,, 07914 843619

To find out more or get involved, please contact the project leads on the email addresses provided, or by phone.
Each project lead will blog on the status of their project, and what they have learned from the process.  Look for further posts tagged Design Council Community Projects.

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