St Martins Community Centre update

I’m going to use this space to update on projects – so it’s not going to look very strategic right now as I want to capture the detail .

Despite the terrible weather yesterday we had an excellent session with a group of 10 young male Tulse Hill residents from St Martins Estate, ranging from 11-25. Margaret from High Trees was there and we were also joined by Sandra Ferguson, Head of Community Investment at Metropolitan Housing Trust. MHT are the main landlord on the estate. We talked a lot about broken promises and disillusionment based on past experience but we were also able to focus on what we would like to do in the near future. We established:

  • It’s quite easy to book the centre and there appears to be some availability in the early evenings
  • Young people are interested in a range of activities including music production, sports, board games and console games.
  • Older young people see themselves as community leaders and may be intested in supporting the younger people.

We are arranging a follow-up meeting with the centre management committee to look at a strategic approach to youth provision as well as seeing what we can do to pool resources to start some music and sports activities in the immediate future.

We are all very committed to making this work but will try not to raise expectation unrealistically.

We need to hear from young women on the estate as they weren’t represented yesterday.

8 Responses to St Martins Community Centre update

  1. sophialooney says:

    a useful update on work at St Martins. what’s happening to try to track down those young women? is there any outreach work planned?

  2. scoyte66 says:

    Further discussions with Metropolitan Housing Trust and High Trees are taking place. We have an in-principle agreement from MHT to part-fund music production workshops for the last six weeks of the summer term .This will provide an activity for young people as well as giving us the chance to have more conversations with them about how they would like to see the initiative sustained in the longer term. We are also working collaboratively on summer youth initiatives across Tulse Hill – venues include the community flat on Tulse Hill Estate, the Adventure Playground, High Trees and The Palace Project. Tulse Hill Forum provides a place for these discussions to take place.

  3. scoyte66 says:

    We’re making great progress on this – here is a quote from one of our partners at Metropolitan Housing, ‘We have this morning booked Emmanuel from the PYE project to deliver the music production workshops from St Martins Community Centre from Wednesday 27th June to Wednesday 25th July, so will lead nicely onto the Summer University Programme the following week.
    The sessions will run each week on Wednesdays for 5 consecutive weeks from 5.30-7.30pm and will cater for 15 young people aged 10+’
    Watch this space!

    • salomesimoes says:

      Hi Sarah

      How have the music workshops been going? Are there any photos that you can post onto the toolkit?

      • scoyte66 says:

        hi Salome you know me – not big on pictures. however the progress is really positive. there have on average been 9 young people at each music workshop. yesterday evening four of the young people attended the steering group meeting for the community centre and were able to have a really constructive conversation with the committee members about what they’d like to see on offer for young people locally. we’re going to work jointly with Metropolitan, the community centre, High Trees and the young people to develop an offer that meets the needs of local young people in the longer term and also builds the capacity of residents to be involved in this provision.

  4. salomesimoes says:

    Great news! Is this stage 2 of your project or outside of the Public Services by Design process?
    Perhaps you can task a group member or attendees to take some photos at the last session? It would be great to be able to share these.

    • scoyte66 says:

      the workshop sessions are going well and I’ve got a photo. the sub-group is meeting for the first time on 16th August to co-design a youth programme that can be sustained at St Martins, giving the young people consistency and a range of activities. advice would be welcome on how to upload the picture!

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