The Social Enterprise Guide

Social Enterprise UK  is the national body for social enterprise and has a wealth of information, news, advice and resources on it’s website here

The Social Enterprise Guide for people working in local government is full of really useful information and explains how social enterprises can help to meet many local authority strategic objectives, it also gives lots of practical advice about how teams within local authorities can engage with social enterprises to benefit their communities.

The guide contains some really useful information on the different legal models that social enterprises can take, ideas and information about commissioning and procurement and how to support the creation of social enterprises spinning out of the public sector.

The guide can be downloaded here:

The resource library is here:

2 Responses to The Social Enterprise Guide

  1. Sophia Looney says:

    how can we make sure we’re making better use of this sort of information? what are the best ways of getting the messages out? I’m not sure that as a council we really understand the full potential that social enterprises bring – and how we can use legislation (social value bill??) to make it happen. do these kind of documents help or have we got too much information and not enough help?

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