Mutuals Information Service

The Mutuals Information Service has been set up by the Cabinet Office to offer information and resources to anyone interested in setting up a public service mutual, or who wants to learn more about this area.

The website has information about the key steps towards becoming a mutual, case studies, and perhaps most usefully, information on how to access the Mutuals Support Programme. This free service is designed to help promising mutuals develop by providing the professional expertise and advice they do not have access to and can’t fund themselves. It will focus on the ‘pre-spin out’ phase, where access to finance can be particularly restricted, but will also consider supporting existing spin out public service mutuals.

The process for accessing this support is as follows:

1) The Mutuals Support Programme will take referrals for promising organisations from the Mutuals Information Service Hotline. If you are interested, the number is 0845 5390 543
2) Referrals which meet the criteria (available on the website) will go the Mutuals Support Programme Approvals Board in the Cabinet Office.
3) If approved, Cabinet Office will contract with suppliers for the support needed
4) Information and learning from the support will be shared on this website

The presentations which are attached below give more information on the kinds of support that will be offered by the Cabinet Office. There is also a presentation that was delivered by the National Council of Voluntary Organisations (NCVO) this highlights some of the views that they have captured from the voluntary sector about public sector reforms.

NCVO Presentation

Cabinet Office Presentation


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